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Let AI Take Your Video Global

Localize your video content for any audience worldwide with cutting-edge Generative-AI dubbing technology that is quick, engaging, hyper-realistic, and cost-effective. 

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Hyper-Realistic Results

Our cutting-edge AI reproduces your original content into multiple languages with authentic, engaging results like nothing you’ve ever seen (or heard).

It’s Fast and Simple to Scale 

Seamlessly convert your content into new languages: simply send us your videos, and our AI software will translate and recreate the content in your chosen languages in a fraction of the time. It’s as easy as that!

Immersive Translation

By pairing our advanced, Generative-AI with human experts, we ensure expertly localized content that speaks authentically to your new audience.

10X Your Video Library

We localize the amazing content you’ve already created, enabling it to reach audiences, customers, partners, and employees worldwide.

Where Localization Meets Value 

Say goodbye to inflated costs, lengthy reproduction processes, and complicated localization. Our solution is the ROI driver that will take your video library further than ever, minimizing overhead costs while maximizing reach.

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New Audiences are Just a Click Away

Master languages, bridge cultures, and reach new audiences with our AI-powered dubbing. The simplicity of Panjaya’s solution means no manual reproduction, expanded creative options and minimized overhead costs while maximizing reach.

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Send us a video

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Choose languages and voices

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Sit back and relax as our AI works its magic

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Share your expertly dubbed video with the world

Expert Dubbing Made Easy

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